Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi everyone, DH and I have just returned from 4 days of R&R at Waikerie in the SA riverland. Stayed in the local caravan park and was even allowed to take my dog. Lots of long walks and plenty of just lazing around under the gum trees. Found the chocolate shop (Havenhand) in the town and went in for a look. Lots of yummy choccies and the most devine hot chocolate I have ever drunk. Had to keep going back each day for a refill and to help the local economy. Had a wonderful lunch at the local pub and so much food on the plate I couldn`t eat it all. The weather was great and it only started to rain when we were driving home. Did a lot of hand stitching and was very pleased with the results, will show you when they are finished. cheers Judy

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still getting the hang of moving around a blog but it`s fun. Thanks Tozz for being my first follower, it was a buzz to see you there. I am busy visiting all the designers from among the Gum Trees and it takes me ages to find the right place to join in for the giveaways and the even longer to do the typing. I apologise to Jenny of Elefantz for visiting her twice and to any others I might have done this to also. When I have learnt to add a photo I will show myself and some of my work. Cheers Judy

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day!

I have finally joined the blogging community. I am now going to share with others who have a like passion. Show what I have made and share with you a small bit of my life and my world of sewing.

Bye for now
Jude x