Friday, October 5, 2012


School holidays are the best time for visiting Nan and Pa, they have time to make things with you like kites and also make you a new dress, take you on a bus ride to the shopping centre and just play. All of this was enjoyed firstly by Emma, Charlie and Henry except the two boys didnt get a dress and Emma made a peg fairy instead of a kite. Forgot to take a photo of Emma in her new dress but the picture is in my previous post. I had enough fabric left over to make Chloe`s dress  but this one is not double sided, I just added a facing . Then to make Hayley her dress from the yellow fabric she had picked out at Spotlight on Thursday along with some others, dont know how I am going to do all this sewing before our next visit. Up at 5.50 this morning after being awoken by these two little monkeys " cos Nan you have to finish Hayley`s dress so we can go shopping." Would have had to gone naked unless it was done. Had a great time with them all and I get to sleep in tomorrow before starting the next lot of dresses. Bye for now Jude