Friday, May 1, 2015


I started this quilt 6 years ago with a block swap from a forum I was in at the time. I made blocks for other forum members in the colour of their choice and they did one for me in my selected colours. Some of the blocks were not what I had wanted so I altered them to suit and made others to get the size of the quilt I wanted.The blocks sat around for ages and then I put them together and it went back in the cupboard. My sister asked if I had a quilt she could buy for her MIL for Mothers Day and I thought of the quilt UFO. She liked it and said her MIL would love it so it was quilted and bound in the same day. Now onto the next UFO, well maybe, I do have a lot I need to do. 
Cheers Jude

Thursday, March 26, 2015


I have recently come home from a week visiting with my daughter, Leonie and her family. We went to the Keith playgroup on Tuesday and I noticed the dolls were nude, so decided to make some clothes for them. Hope they like them.

 The dress and nappies for the girl doll.

 Shorts and top for the boy doll. Below some of the nappies to share for both dolls.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I recently went to Brisbane for a stitching weekend and I made a gift for my roomies. They were very happy with what I had made and now I have requests for more. They are from the TILDA book of rabbits and are quite easy and quick to make. I did not enlarge them to the full size as stated in the pattern as I prefer smaller cuter rabbits. Will show you the projects from the weekend when I have made them. Bye for now Jude.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Hi all, my camera broke down so off to buy a new one. Took great photos and then couldn`t upload them to my computer. My friend came over for dinner and we formated the card ( now who knew how to do that, well not me). Next tried to get the photos again, no luck. Next went back to the shop I had purchased it from and had to buy a cord to transfer them to the computer or take out the card thingy and put that into the computer, sounds too complicated for me so bought the cord and hey presto I can now do it. Three cheers here please.  I can now show you the quilts I have made . My GD Jade requested a new lap quilt as hers was looking a little worse for wear. I chose  the pattern "Miss Daisy" by Monica Poole that I had bought at the Craft Fair as it was bright and colourful. Made two  as the first  was to see if I could do it as it was a quilt as you go, worked out fine so then made Jades. Now to see which one she prefers.

 Jades quilt as she told me her favourite colour is now blue.

 The first sample quilt.  This will go into the gifting box in case I forget someones special day. Below are the backings, I especially like the owl fabrics. Bye for now Jude.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


More tomatoes have ripened and so have the cucumbers so more  cooking to make bread and butter cucumbers for winter eating and more tomato pickles. Next lot of tomatoes will go into more soup to freeze for winter. It has been a good year for the garden this year thankfully as last year was a disaster. Also we have been picking lots of pencil eggplants, if that is the correct  name and I have been adding them to casseroles and last night marinated some in garlic, olive oil and rock salt and then roasted them. Quite tasty but I prefer them in casseroles as the taste is pretty bland. Also not my  favourite veggie.

 The bread and butter cucumbers are tasty in a cold lamb sandwich, yummy.

The tomato pickles, DH likes these and so does my son in law and another batch cooking now so there will be some to share.

Bye for now as I am off to finish my Grandaughter`s quilt after lunch.

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dear hubby picked 75 kilos of tomatoes and then it was up to me to deal with them. Gave lots to the neighbours and then started to cook.

First up made tomato soup. Two bowls for dinner tonight and another two lots packaged and in the freezer. Below is the first batch of tomato sauce and ran out of bottles, so off soon to get some more. when I get back will be cooking my first batch of tomato chutney and then more sauce for the daughters.
Bye for now Jude

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I have been busy doing Christmas sewing and lots of parties, and sadly neglecting my blog so my new years resolution will be to come here and do more blogs.My friend Dawn showed me how to sew these great flowers, I have made some in frozen colours for the grandaughters and 1 in Christmas colours for my self. I have more to make in the Chrissie colours and get in the post for the GD`s in Sydney so going now to make a start on them.
 Bye for now Jude