Tuesday, June 2, 2015


It has been another busy week for me. I have made some quince jelly and some apple jelly and I like it on my toast for breakfast or with some cheese and crackers, very yummy. i had never made apple jelly before so I used the quince jelly recipe and it worked out quite well.
I have also finished four more quilts for the rehab section of Modbury hospital and will have to deliver them soon as my spare room is getting cluttered more than usual. Started cutting another quilt today but not feeling up to sewing as I have a bit of a cold that can go when it likes, thankyou very much.

 My quince and apple jellies.

 This quilt I made up as I went and was please with how it turned out.

 This one I also made up as I went.

 This one is called Volume and is from the SCRAP REPUBLIC book by Emily Cier that i purchased from Spotty for just $5.00.

Another one that was done as I went along and it`s meant to be a little like a rainbow. I hope the new owners will like and enjoy them as much as I did making them. Just need to make some labels and they are ready to go.

Bye for now Jude


Liz said...

The jellies look delicious. Enjoy. You are doing very well with the quilts. They are all lovely patterns.

Highland Monkey's said...

Snap, I've been making some jam this week as well! I really like your quilts and the patterns are lovely. You must be super fast to make so many!