Saturday, November 7, 2009

Craft and quilt fair

These are the fat q`s I bought.

This is the patterns and bag handles I bought.

Went with some friends to the Craft and Quilt fair on Thursday and had a wonderful day, lots to see and lots to buy. If you had time there were workshops you could attend and take home what you had made, we couldn`t fit them in to our shopping schedule. We all bought heaps until we ran out of cash and were happy with our purchases. The quilt display was awesome, there are some very talented quilters out there. Sorry can`t show you any pictures as it against copyright or some thing. The management asked us to leave at 5 o clock. How rude was that? I think they wanted to go home for a sleep. We met up with some other ladies from the forum for lunch and a show and tell of what we had bought in the morning. Finally got home at about 6.30 after having to wait in peak hour traffic but the day was great and we went home tired but happy.


Lucky-1 said...

Hey Judy, thanks for leaving fabric and goodies for me to

Love those fabrics:D

Khris said...

We were all really good weren't we. We all didn't seem to overspend hey. Hugs Khris