Tuesday, November 30, 2010


DH and I have just spent four days down at the farm. We went to help celebrate two of my grandkids birthdays and we had a lovely time. Each day we go for long walks around the farm and I thought i would take photoes of the flowers I came across.

These are the pods on the wattle tree and I liked their silver colour, this tree will look great when it bursts into bloom.

This bush was a mass of white flowers and looked pretty spectacular. It is a yucca.

This is the yellow gum flowers and they are very dainty and the tree was just covered in them.

Here we have some blackboys in flower and birds just flock to these to get the nectar. They are very plentiful around the farm and when the blooms die they turn black. this one was about 5 feet tall. Some of them were not as straight as these but they still looked interesting.

The red bottlebrush was really vibrant and was my favourite because of the brilliant colour.

This is the broom bush and grows everywhere and is used for brush fences. The flowers are very small but dainty

This is a gravilea and not yet into full bloom but when it is the bush is a sight to behold. i hope I have spelt it right.

This is the chicory plant and I really liked the blue of the flower but this photo does not do it justice. This plant roots is used as a substitute for coffee and I think its the root that is ground up.
I hope you enjoy these plants like i have and so goodbye for now, Jude


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos of our unique bush flowers. Thanks for sharing Judy.
Cheers, Janette.

Chookyblue...... said...

all the flowers are lovely.......

sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your walk! I saw a yucca plant in bloom for the first time this past summer, and it was awesome.