Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have been busy completing UFOs, sewing birthday and Xmas gifts and doing some secret Santa challenges. I had made this year the one to do those UFOs and have surprised myself by completing so many. My friend Dawn from AS SWEET AS CINNAMON has helped by machine quilting the quilts at a very reasonable price. I have two sitting in the sewing room that Dawn has quilted over the past two weeks waiting for me to finish the binding and one more ready to take to her next week that has been in my cupboard for about three years. Then I will see how many more there are hiding around in the house. Do your quilts hide from you like mine do? Well their time is up, so look out quilts I will find you.

This is a note book I have done for my little neighbor next door for her 6th birthday and we went over and had songs and cake for afternoon tea.

This quilt that was hiding from me for so long is a birthday gift for my eldest grandson Charlie. He will be 5yo in November the day after his sister Emma turns 3yo and they both will get their first quilt from Nan. I showed Emma`s in my last post. Time to go now to seek out those othr quilts.
cheers Jude.


Jessica said...

The notebook is so cute! Perfect for a little girl. And the quilt is great for a boy too! Perfect for a "little man"!

Highland Monkey's said...

That's a cute little notebook and the quilt is beautiful

Margaret said...

Love the quilt for Megan a few posts back. The grandies are going to love those new quilts.