Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hi all. I have been very busy sewing quilts and here are 2 that I have finished, the others you can see later. Also the curtains for my twin GD`s cubby that their dad built for their 4 th  birthdays.
 This lap quilt was a gift for Dr Tony my chiropractor who has left SA to return to his family in Victoria. It is a quick and easy quilt to make and can be done in any fabrics and still looks stunning.
 This is the same pattern but a row longer and was a gift for a friend who has moved to queensland. She was very happy to receive it as she didn`t have a quilt. I made it in pretty fabrics as she has a DH and 2 sons and deserved something special for herself.
This is one of 3 pair of curtains that I made for my twin granddaughters cubby house that they got for their 4th birthdays.


Heather said...

the quilts are beautifull Jude, the pictures dont do them justice- i es[ecially love the quilt made with Aviary fabrics- Dr Tony is one lucky man !! seeya... Heather

Sue SA said...

You have certainly been busy! The cubby must be big, those are very long curtains, sure they will love playing house!

Curtain said...

The couple of quilts and curtains fro cubby is shown here. Have a look at it