Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Sewing

Today I finished 3 pair of oven mits as xmas gifts for my 3 daughters. I chose an Australian print because it is a little bit chrismassy and being dark coloured they won`t show the dirt so easily. I have lined them with "insul Bright" and wool wadding to give extra protection. Each year I try to give them something I have made to try and encourage them to take up sewing, so far it hasn`t worked I think they enjoy the anticipation of what mum will come up with each year. Now only a little bag and 2 place mats to finish, but first some lunch and a much needed cuppa.


Tozz said...

Oh yes Jude....gotta have that cuppa :) I like the fabric you have used in those oven mitts ...very nice. I am hoping that my daughter will get interested enough in sewing too but it isnt happening yet...she does cross stitch so I guess thats a start. :) hugs Vicki

Twaklin said...

Happy New Year Jude. Hope your daughters liked the oven mits. I enjoy hand sewing when I can find the time, making useful things. Have not tried making oven mits yet. I like them on both hands, too!

Lucky-1 said...

HI there Jude. Missed seeing you last Tuesday. Love those oven mitts:)