Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Xmas gifts

I had a great xmas with my family and we celebrated it down on the farm and stayed for 4 glorious days. All my children and their Hubbies and kids were there and we ate, played and opened lots of gifts, it really was a great family time. My DH and I escaped to our caravan when we needed a rest and believe me when 6 kids all want Nanny to play with them it gets very tiring. My DH gave to me this gorgeous bracelet along with the rotary cutting board and it works a charm and saves time when cutting small pieces of fabric. He also gave me a cupboard for my sewing room and now it is much neater and I can find things easier and every thing has got its own place.

I have used the board already and it is very handy.

On Xmas Eve Melans sewing and fabric shop rang me to tell me I was a lucky winner of their free Xmas raffle, I won the above lovely sewing basket with some embroidery scissors and 2 reels of machine embroidery thread, very handy. My GD already has here eye on the basket to replace the old one she has at the moment. I think it can stay with me until she gets a little bit older.

I also recieved underwear, chocolates (yummy), buttershortbread biscuits (my favorites), Oven mit and pot holder (always welcome), bathroom mat set( my others had desindergrated) and a lovely hand sewn sewing companion book and sewing items from my secret Santa at our sewing group.

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Tozz said...

Wow Jude you did real well this Christmas :) Lots of lovely goodies :) Congrats on the win too.