Friday, January 22, 2010

Short Kapunda Break

Last weekend we went to Kapunda for a short break with our DD, SIL and their two children. We stayed at the local caravan park and explored the area although DH and I will go back later to see and do the things we didn`t have time for. It was very relaxing and each morning we were woken by the warbling of the local magpies and the screeching of the galahs. We saw a lot of birdlife and I put this down to being the attraction to the man made storage dam that is used to water the sports oval and golf greens. the water is recycled grey water, which I thought was a good idea. Here are a couple of residents at the caravan park where we stayed

We went to the local play park so the kids could burn off their energy. The train was the star attraction as far as Brooke(my GD) was concerned.

Another scene of the park.

Having a ride on a twisty thing, it made me giddy.

Messing about on the climbing frame, I`m only a kid at heart.

The huge statue of a cornish miner to commemorate those that emigrated to Kapunda to settle and do the mining. DH is 6ft tall, so this gives you an idea of how big it is.

A short history on the miner.

The hearth of one of the original homes.

Some of the pottery shards found at the old sites and put on display. Some of them are very beautiful in design.

Although we only went for a short time we had a relaxing break so if you need a short break Kapunda is only a short distance from Adelaide, we did it in just over an hour drive towing our caravan. Hope you didn`t get bored reading this long entry and will post again when i have something interesting to tell. Bye for now.

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Dawn said...

Boy that old miner is tall... he he... gald you had a fab time... Hugs Dawn x x x