Friday, February 26, 2010


I have been so busy lately . so I didn`t have time for blogging. Today I have some free time and I have also done some sewing and decided to give you a look.
My sister has raspberries and blackberries growing on their property and she phoned to say they were ripe. After climbing up and down small hills and getting scratched by the prickly bushes I picked 6 kilos of the blackberries and probably ate another 1/2 kilo, back to the house for a drink and rest and then I picked the raspberries. These are not as plentiful but I still managed to pick 1 and a 1/2 kilos, and they are not prickly. I made some of each into jam, ate some fresh with icecream, very yummy and froze the rest for making into pies when it gets colder. Hope to go again tomorrow.

I have finally started the DONT LOOK NOW sew along and have finished 11 blocks. I cover the petals during the day and find it relaxing to sit at night and sew them onto the backing. I think I have 11 more to catch up and then I have to sew them into rows, Hope I can be on track soon.

I have been sewing this quilt along with my friend Veronica and last night I finally finished embroidering the last block. This morning I decided to sew them together, I now have to get some fabric for the last border and make the cornerstones to go around the centre block before doing the quilting. the quilt is from Cindeberry Stitches and is called Truly Scrumptious.
Bye for now and I hope it won`t be too long before i blog again.


Sue SA said...

Yum, homemade jam! I love it, but my childhood memories of Mum making it in the extreme heat without aircon made me jam cooking shy forever!
Love the "round" blocks, do they have a name? I have started a hand applique project, but I think this one looks easier and very attractive.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Tozz said... Mum used to always make jam. Apricot, plum, fig, and they were always so yum. I miss her jams. Yours look so yummy too Jude :) I love your Josephs quilt too....its looking really really good. I have a lot of these cut out and ready to sew onto the blocks but still undecided as to what colour background I want to use. Its all good Jude :) Hugs Vicki

Siddis-in-houston said...

Yummi home made jam! And wonderful stitchery, have a nice trip over here!

Wendy B said...

Love the colours you've gone with for your Joseph's Coat Jude....don't feel too bad at being behind....I've got the fabric but haven't started yet! Mine will be one of those...down the track jobs!!!!
Love the Truly Scrumptious really is!!!!!....just like your berries! I miss having fresh berries up here in the tropical north! Aaaah well, can't have everything!
sugary hugs XX Wendy :O)