Friday, March 5, 2010

`Baseco Mahal Kita` tote

Here`s what I made yesterday, it is my version of the BASECO MAHAL KITA TOTE. PLEASE READ ABOUT IT BELOW. My friend Dawn of DAWN HAY DESIGNS has designed this bag and she is selling it on Etsy or from her blog and all of the proceeds on the sales is going to Beseco, Manila to give aid to the poor. The pattern is just $4.00 and once you have paid for it the pattern will be E- mailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours
Dawn`s aim is to sell at least 1000 patterns and this will help a lot of poor families in Manila. please feel free to blog about this to let as many people know as we can reach, thankyou in advance.


Dawn said...

your bag looks fab Jude..... so nice to see it in different colors... thnaks for helping a great cuase.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Anonymous said...

Jude your bag looks great,i like the scrappy look - a great way to use up those bits and pieces
see ya tuesday... Heather

Hazel said...

Great looking bag .