Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is the first 7 blocks of Jacobs Quilt that I have joined together for the Dont Look Now quilt along. I started it late and hope to catch up before my holiday. It is sewn by hand and takes a while to prepare each block and I seem to prick my fingers frequently that they look like swiss cheese with all the holes in them. One must suffer for our art. DH took this photo for me and I asked him NOT to put his toes in the picture, did he listen, NO, you can see his toes poking into the picture at the bottom. Next time he might get it right.
These are the first 3 blocks of a pinwheel sampler I am doing from P.S.I.Quilt. It will be 16 blocks and you get 2 patterns per week so it will be finished pretty quickly. They are easy blocks to sew and I am enjoying doing a project that will be finished in a short time against my other projects that are long term.


Hazel said...

Your so funny , tell DH we will excuse his toes this time but its not to happen again LOL .Those Jacobs quilt blocks are nice I don't think i have ever seen them before .The pin wheel blocks are also going to make a nice quilt i like the colors you are using .

Lucky-1 said...

Love the affect of the Jacobs quilt. Trying to work out where each block starts and

Tozz said...

I love the colours you are using in your Jacobs quilt Jude. I still havent got mine sewn onto any fabric as yet. But soon it just might happen. I laughed when I read the bit about your DH's toes. :) Very nice sewing Jude :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jude, your Jacobs [ creek ] quilt is looking good! Love those toes Mr Jude...Love Heather M

Sue SA said...

Jude, I love your Jacobs Quilt, is there a similar block called orange peel? I am not into hand piecing, but when I hand applique I like to use a stick on version of a thimble, to stop my fingers getting so sore. They are called Thimble-It and you get 64 ovals in a packet. I cut them in half, as my fingers are fine/smallish. You just stick them to the end of your finger pad, you can re use them several times. I dont remember where I got them from last time, but originally I know I brought them in a patchwork shop, current packet cost $11.45.

Marjorie said...

Well...that's interesting. I am also doing the JC plus a pinwheel quilt along.
I may have to check out the PSIQuilt pinwheels for more ideas.