Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Two rows together, seven more blocks ready and twentyeight more to go, my quilt is on its way

This morning I finished the first 2 rows of my Jacobs quilt along. My friend Dawn told me about the DONT LOOK NOW quilt along site and after my first visit I was hooked. It looked like fun and I would (hopefully) have a lovely quilt to show for all the hard work. My next thought , who would I make the quilt for and decided it would be for my spare bedroom. I recently had obtained some maroon and cream curtains, so I thought I would match my quilt colours to these curtains. I raided my stash, went shopping and begged friends for fabrics to match and blend and finally had enough to begin. I had to get DH do draw up the circles as my attempt at it was hopeless. My template cut out, my fabrics at hand and then I had to find a supply of 'Floriani'. Dawn found out a local shop that had it in stock so we bought a roll to share. I cut and glued and my journey was well and truly on the move. Then along came Xmas and lots of sewing, parties and visitors so Jacob was put in the cupboard for a spell. New year arrived, time to pick up the quilt again but progress was slow as lots of outside interruptions. I then decided I would like a holiday so research had to be done to decide on the destination so again the quilt work was slowed down. Finally the holiday to the USA to take in 3 quilt shows was booked and I once more could return to my sewing. I decided I had to make at least 5 blocks a week to catch up, so every day I cut, ironed on the floriani and glued the edges and at night I would try to sew the 12 petals on, some times I succeeded but often I didn`t. Many days and sore pricked finger tips and I have done it, 2 rows sewn together and 7 blocks ready for the next row. WOW. I only have 28 more blocks to go and I know I have plenty of time to finish them before the next step on the road to finishing my quilt. I have enjoyed doing this quilt as it is using techniques I have not done before and will use again in other projects. I can hardly wait to see how the quilt will look finished and quilted.


Oops-Lah said...

It looks lovely, Jude. Well done! I'm envying you as I'm so far behind. But I'm determined to get it done, no matter how long it will take. Cheers Vreni

Alan said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


Tozz said...

It is lovely Jude and you are way ahead of me too...I have several cut and glued but not sewn at all. Yours is looking really lovely and the colours are fabulous :) hugs Vicki

Anonymous said...

Hiya Jude,you have done really well- another one to put on my
' to do list ' The quilt colours are great....see you next tuesday
Luv....Heather M

Jill said...

It's a great looking quilt Jude. I am too lazy to attack such an intricate pattern! Jill x

Jessica said...

Looking good, Jude!
When are you going to America - it sounds fantastic!

Kellie said...

Hi Jude!
Your blocks are looking terrific!
Well done!
Thank you so much for joining in ... hopefully you will get to add to your stash of Stitch & Wash!!!!

Marielle said...

5 blocks in a week I am impressed! it looks great, it is so nice to visit the blogs of everyone in the quiltalong and read how much fun everyone is having

Rose Marie said...

You have done so well and as I visit each link, I'm in love with all the show and tell. You have chosen great colours and nice to have friends that helped you along.