Sunday, July 4, 2010


I recently visited my daughter and family at the farm. At this time of year they are well and truly into lambing and calving and there is always an orphan or two or they may have been rejected by their mums. For whatever reason the babies end up back at the house ready to be hand raised by willing children with mums help.

Here is my GS feeding a lamb and he wouldn`t smile for Nan so I took the photo anyway. They can drink a full bottle of special lamb milk in a minute or two and still want more.

My GD also wants to feed the orphans but she is too little to hold the heavy bottle of milk so she pretends after they have eaten.

The calf gets fed from a trough with attached nipple because he is too strong for the kids and would knock them over trying to get to the milk. He gets the formula made specially for cows.

Then its back to the house to do the washing up and little Emmas bucket is nearly as big as she is.


Jessica said...

I bet the grandkids love the baby animals! I can see you had a lovely visit!

Vicki said...

Too cute and it brings back fond memories of when I would have baby lambs to feed.