Thursday, July 29, 2010


Our adorable twin have recently turned 2YO and came for a sleepover at nannies and we had a special lunch together.This is mum with Chloe ( I think) and she has really enjoyed her lunch.
I hope this is Hayley, but I may be wrong as they are very much alike. They are lovely little girls but get into a lot of mischief and I think this is because they lead each other astray.

This is Papa reading a book and tthey love to read and are always bringing books or puzzles for you to help them with. We had a great couple of days together and then off they went back home to see daddy.


Vicki said...

They are cute and how time flies eh?

Anonymous said...

They are SO cute Jude -can see why you are such a proud nannie !

Hazel said...

The twins are adorable ,glad you had a good day with them .

Wendy B said...

Twins are such a double blessing aren't they??? My boss had her twin grannies in yesterday - one boy, one girl....boy did they enjoy their creambuns that one of my colleagues sneaked them!!!! hehehe
XXX sugary hugs Wendy :O)