Saturday, August 7, 2010


A quick trip to the farm for a rest for me (lol as two of my Gchildren live there) and for DH to help our SIL around the farm tidying up the chemicals shed.

This picture is out of order it should be the last one as it shows the men grading the wool and pulling of the daggy bits.

This is the shearers working hard to get the job done. I don`t think I could bend over all day doing this job. It must be hard on your back.
The shearer in the middle is wearing a special back sling and it helps to take the pressure off your back when you have to be bent over all day. This is not a job I would like to be doing.

And this is a quilt for a new baby Lucy Rose who is a welcome addition to friends of my DD.I hope to visit tomorrow if I can finish the binding tonight. The pattern is from Dawn Hay Designs and is apattern she sells and donates the monies to charity for the children of Baseco.


Lucky-1 said...

Your photos on the shearing bring back lots of fond memories of my childhood Jude:D

Lovely quilt too:)

Dawn said...

I know I couldn't bend over all day like that.... I'd be walking that way if I did.. he he...
the quilt turned out great.
Hugs Dawn x x x

Sue SA said...

When I went to the GP about my back complaint he told me it was a common occupational hazard (as mother constantly lifting young children) but I think he has never met a shearer! My brother swears that stretching before and after shearing worked wonders. Personally I hope I never have to find out, as it is a hot, sweaty, dirty, hard job - little wonder shearers are few and far between. However shearing was always my favorite time of year on the farm! Thanks Jude you have brought back some great memories and makes me think I had better buy wool wadding to support our farmers and shearers! Happy quilting Sue SA.

Marilyn said...

Hope you enjoyedthe time on the farm. Shearing pics are very interesting -and I agree, bending over all day like that would be near torture.
Love your finished quilt, great choice of colour.

Jill said...

Nice quilt Jude. I'm yet to be brave enough to tackle circles. Your shearing shed pics remind me of my youth on Kangaroo Is staying with school friends on their farms.