Monday, August 23, 2010


I`m in a swap on HANDMADE magazine and I have recieved my blue and yellow hexie from Dawn and finished my hexie for miss nance and I must remember to mail it tomorrow.This will be an ongoing swap and I1m hoping to get enough to make a lap quilt.The hexie below is the third in Dawns free block of the week and I am really liking doing this as I can finish my hexie in a couple of hours, so thanks Dawn.
I am teaching my 5 yo GD to sew and today we made a bookmark for her to give mum for Xmas.

Here she is sewing around the edges on one end of her bookmark and as she is left handed it is a bit difficult for me to show her how to hold it as I am right handed.

Here Jade proudly shows off her finished bookmark and I hope her Mum doesn`t take a peek at my blog and spoil the surprise. Next week we will make one for her Dad.


Marilyn said...

Your Frosty Flakes are looking good. I think they will look really great in all blues. Well done Jade the bookmark looks good and I am sure Mum will love it.

Wendy B said...

what a great way to pass on the love of quilting/stitching Jude! Bravo.....your GD's done a superb job too BTW!!!!
Must catch up on the frosties....I'm still behind on the flirty flowers......ohhhhh i'd so love more hours in the day!!!!
sugary hugs XXX Wendy :O)