Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Recently DH and I went to an auction and picked up this Tonka truck for just $4.00. Our GS Charlie, loves all trucks , tractors etc so he will be recieving this when he visits. Apart from the stickers peeling off the truck is in very good condition. Charlie will be here on Thursday along with his Mum and sister. We get time to play together while Mum goes to the obstertrition ( hope this is spelt right) and when they go to bed my daughter and I can settle down for a good old chinwag. The truck will join his ever growing collection. A little boy can never have too many trucks now can he.
Now being a kind Nan I couldnt give to one child with out the other so this afternoon I made Emma a hand bag that she can take shopping when they go to town. It is a pattern from Melly and Me and one I enjoy sewing. Emma is going to like this I`m sure.

I have also been sewing lots of soft toys. I made chickens, dogs, pigs, horses,elephants, whales, Platypus, giraffes and others. Some are going to my friend Lucky as she sews and collects them from other sewers to give to blood clinics to give to the children who have to have blood tests etc. The others are going to Bordertown hospital to give out to the sick kids who have to spend time away from their families. A new friend can be a great comfort to a child in hospital. Well better go now as the dishes wont wash themselves and DH is asleep in his chair watching TV so he wont do them either.

Cheers for now Jude

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Marilyn said...

One of my sons gives each of his nephews and (1) niece a tonka truck like this when they are born. They are a great hit as the children gt older. And the boys certainly cant have too many trucks.
Love the little handbag. A sweet pattern.