Friday, January 13, 2012


Please be alert at this time of the year for all those little nasties, DH was moving stuff in the shed and came across this little beauty, it was one of the biggest I have seen in a long time. RIP little beastie.

Sorry always put the piccies on the wrong way. This is my kitchen, plenty of cupboards and the stove top has not been used before as it is in perfect condition. the fridge is to the left and the entry is next to it.

Here is my bedroom, finally a bed you can walk around. This makes it easier to make and now I dont have to put up with DH crawling across and treading on my legs when he gets up early to go fishing. Still waiting for a feed of fish but he has caught some squid, yum yum.

An outside view of the van. It is very clean and has been well looked after. I really like the pull down awning on the side, it makes a nice place for a cuppa and pice of cake when you need a rest from all the fishing and sight seeing.
I am off to Sydney next week to visit with Megan, Mark, Jade and Brooke and when I return home  DH and I will be going to Kingston SE for a bit to try out the new van. till then cheerio and all be good. Jude.


Dawn said...

ooh Nasty Nasty redbacks Jude..yak don't like them at all... any stow away room in that new van...I need to break away..LOL..but Tassie is only 5 days away so I can wait till then
Hugs Dawn x x x

Heather said...

Hope there's room for the sewing machine Jude , make that 2 hiding spots !! Luv Heather
[ love the van ]

Sue SA said...

Ouch, before Christmas we found a red back spider in the kitchen - suspended by a thread next to the cook top! A perfect excuse for me to never cooking again, particulary as DH still refuses to get the house professionally sprayed!
Think I might run away to Robe...they have a patchwork shop and my Dad just caught a BIG whiting there! Darn just remembered we dont have a caravan! Happy holidaying, hope you get some stitching time in.

Marilyn said...

Wow, that looks like a fun way to relax. (in the van, not with the spider). Done like those little fellows, Got bitten by one once, and it was not a very pleasant experience.
Have a lovely trip away.

Marg H said...

It is the time of year for nasties - we've had snakes - not in the house - but near enough to it for it to be an issue with the kids. Love the van - we have one, but don't get to use it that often. One day........ Cheers

Michell said...

eeeekkk we get the odd redback here in NZ...yes they have immigrated to our shores many years ago. Never seen them myself but they are a relation of our native Katipo I think which I have only ever seen once when I was a young girl. Our night sleeping in the bach ended very fast when we saw them.

Khris said...

How cool having your own caravan that you guys can scoot off with when you feel like it....horrible little creatures those redback spiders...ewww...hugs Khris