Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I have just finished sewing this teddy and his sailor jacket and he is reaching out for me to pick him up, but i must not do it as he has a new home to go to. He is to be a thankyou gift for my DD, Megans neighbour, Natalie as a thankyou for helping my daughter when I cant. It has been a long time since I made a teddy and I enjoyed it so much that I will have to make time to sew some more. Maybe I should make one for each of my 7 grandkids. He is not a toy for little children as he is made from mohair, which is hard to clean and he also has glass eyes that are not recommended for little tots. Got to go now as my tea is bubbling away on the stove and then an early night as tomorrow DH and I are of in the carasvan for a few days.   Jude


Lucky-1 said...

Jude he's beautiful. I love his face. Last time I saw him he wasn't an all together

Psst, can I be #8 grandchild....huh????


Sue SA said...

Very cute. I think a bear made by Nana would be very special...perhaps you could use a more child/wash friendly synthetic fabric.

Send gifts to pakistan said...

Very Cute,,i m agreed with sue SA !!really a bear made by nana would be very special,,,,