Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have returned from Sydney and brought a virus with me. Felt down for a couple of days but better now. My two little girls were very excited to see their Nan and we did some sewing. We hand sewed some little birds in felt and silly me forgot to take a photo. We also made some bracelets and some hanging hearts out of fabric and beads, again forgot to take photos. Lots of playing and reading and playing CATOPOLY, just like monopoly but geared around cats. Also played the card game Go Fish and I could not win a game and this pleased my card playing GD`s very much. Did shopping and went to Darling Harbour for the day, will talk about that later. The girls also each made a placemat for their mum`s Birthday and were very pleased with themselves. We wrapped them and hid them in their bedrooms until the day. I must remember to ring and remind them the night before so they dont forget to give them to mum.


 Here are Jade and Brooke displaying the placemats.

 Jade has always loved to sew with Nan and misses our sewing lessons since the family moved to NSW for dad`s work. Here she is happily sewing a placemat for her mum`s birthday later this month.

Brooke has only just started to sew and seems to enjoy it. She did lots of practice following lines on paper to learn to sew in straight lines. She picked it up fairly quickly and only needed a little help to turn corners when sewing her placemat. The sewing machine is a baby Elna that I bought and took over for them to practice sewing on. Luckily it was not heavy as I carried it my hand luggage. When I went through the Airport security I was asked what is it and told them it was a little sewing machine for my GDs and they just waved me through. I had been a liitle bit worried as to what I would have done with it if they said I couldnt carry on board. Bye for now Jude


Oops-Lah said...

Your GDs are getting an early start into sewing. It's lovely that they enjoy it so much; probably because Nan is teaching them!
Glad to hear you had a nice time and I hope you are feeling better after dealing with that virus. Look after yourself.

Jessica said...

They are so cute showing off their placemats. Good job girls!
I hope you feel better soon!

Highland Monkey's said...

Start them young I say! Brilliant placemats, there mum is going to be thrilled.