Saturday, January 26, 2013


This is Jade`s first quilt. She is 7 years old and loves to do crafty things especially with Nan. So while her sister Brooke and Jade had a holiday with Nan and Pa after Christmas we decided it was time to make a quilt. Jade chose her fabrics and pattern and I cut it out as I didnt want her to go home minus a finger or two.Jade was confident using the machine but at times forgot to guide the fabric so Nan had to help a little bit. She also had to undo seams that had gone astray but did so without complaint. Jade thought it was good to tape the fabrics to the table to make her quilt sandwich but got a sore finger putting in all those pins. Getting the binding ironed was a trauma for for me as I didnt want any burnt fingers, but she did it very well. Sewing the binding on was fine until she got to the corners, so help here from me to get the mitred corners right. Last was the sewing down of the binding, a complete disaster as Jade is left handed and I am not. I tried several ways to show her how to hand sew but she could not master the step so I sewed the binding down. I now need some help in teaching a left hander how to hand sew, any suggestions would be helpful. 
 I then flew back to Sydney with the girls and stayed for a week and enjoyed lovely walks in the country side and breakfast on the verandah watching and listening to the abundant bird life. There were magpies, eagles, galahs, parrots, kookaburras and many more I didnt know. The valley was very green and populated with cows and horses, very nice way to start the day. Back home now and lots of sewing to catch up on. 
Bye for now Jude

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Marilyn said...

Well done to Jade, and Nan for allowing her to do those things even the traumatic ones. It is a lovely quilt.