Friday, June 28, 2013


 Here I am with my beautiful granddaughters Hayley on the left and Chloe on the right(I think). They are now 5 years old and due to start school next term. DH and I are going to Victor harbor for their ballet concert and I will be staying on for the kindy graduation.

 This is one of the dolly carry cots I have made for  their birthday gift and a Barbie doll as well. They have little dolls and toy bunnies and bears just waiting to sleep in these cots and they were quite easy to make.

 This is the second dolly bed and I know the girls are going to love them. I am sure they will also be used to carry baby bunny and guinea pig around in if we let them. Lucky they are washable.

These cute bags are for the girls after we have been to their concert. I saw the ballet fabric and had to buy it and now it has come in very useful. I have put a hair brush, lip gloss and nail polish in the bags and the girls are going to be excited when they get them. Bye for now as I have to put the tea on the table as DH is complaining he is hungry, poor dear. Jude


Sue SA said...

The dolls beds are gorgous, I made one a few years ago with a ruffle on the top and broke numerous needles doing it and used lots of naughty words! I like your pattern better, looks easier and looks fabulous, perfect for playtime fun.

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Ruffles and Relics said...

Do you sell the pattern for the dolly beds?