Saturday, August 10, 2013


I just loved making these little bags and have plans to make more. The two together were gifts for Chloe and Hayley,{my twin granddaughters} as a gift after we watched them dance at their ballet concert. The little kids were precious, they were just watching each other and all out of step but we loved it anyway. The other bag is my newest sewing hold all for when I go to craft. I have another to make using teddy bear fabric for my next door neighbours daughters birthday and as the pattern is so good I will probably be making more.

 My bag and it is also fully lined and has a needle case to go with it and I will show you that later.

The twins bags.

Here they are all dressed for the ballet concert.
Bye for now jude.


Sue SA said...

They look so sweet all dressed in tutus!

Marilyn said...

Lovely little bags for the twins and for you. They look very cute.

Heather said...

very lucky little girls to have a granny like you Jude