Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My SinL has been transfered to Richmond Airbase in NSW and my daughter and two grand daughters will join him shortly. I am going to miss those little girls terribly. I have them one day a week during school holidays and we go out and about on the buses and do lots of interesting things. Jade, the elder of the two is also a budding quilter and crafter and I will miss our sessions together of just looking and feeling fabrics as well as those sewing lessons. Little Brooke is a joy to have around and has an opinion on everything and I will miss that as well. I also think they are going to miss their Nan, so I have made each of them a worry pillow. I will give the pillows to them when they fly out of Adelaide and tell them to hug and talk to their pillow if they are feeling sad or just missing the family members back home and the Worry Dolls will help them feel better.

Jade`s pillow is in her favourite colour and was easy to make.

I couldn`t do Brooke`spillow in her favourite colour of purple as I didn`t have any matching colours to do the doll in. But I hope she will like it.
The pattern is Worry Dolls designed by Kellie from DONT LOOK NOW. I have not made the quilt, just the bonus pillows using dolls from the pattern. Very easy and quick to make but I used blanket stitch instead of raw edge stitching around the aplique as I think it will be more servicable for little girls. I am also getting better at free motion quilting but I still need lots more practice.
Well this has been a long post So I will leave it there and be back soon with more news.
Cheers Judy


Dawn said...

they are afbulous Jude and I am sure you will miss them... but skype is the way to go...
Hugs Dawn x x

Marilyn said...

It is hard when the little ones move away when you have been used to having them close. I think they will love their worry pillows - such a good idea. Enjoy every precious moment you have with them so you have that to look back on when you are missing them.

Oops-Lah said...

Oh the cushion for your grand daughters are absolutely stunning. The girls will love them, no doubt about it. I can imagine that you will miss them terrible. I remember my mum was so sad when we left Switzerland to go to Australia (many years ago). She missed the kids so much. But she came to visit every years at least once, so that's what you have to do as well. Best wishes Vreni x

Sue SA said...

Sorry to hear that your family are heading interstate, you have wonderful thoughtful presents for your GD, I am sure they will love them. All our family live interstate, which is hard (especially when you want free babysitting!) but on the positive side the kids LOVE visits to and from grandparents and Skype is free - just have to buy a camera for your pc and download the program. My kids love it as they can see their grandparents while talking to them, plus show them what ever special thing they have made/drawn/received. Happy quilting, Sue SA.

Anonymous said...

Your cushions look fabulous Judy. What a great idea. Cheers, Janette