Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Sewing

Today I finished 3 pair of oven mits as xmas gifts for my 3 daughters. I chose an Australian print because it is a little bit chrismassy and being dark coloured they won`t show the dirt so easily. I have lined them with "insul Bright" and wool wadding to give extra protection. Each year I try to give them something I have made to try and encourage them to take up sewing, so far it hasn`t worked I think they enjoy the anticipation of what mum will come up with each year. Now only a little bag and 2 place mats to finish, but first some lunch and a much needed cuppa.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Xmas sewing

Here are some of my Santa Heads and below the dolls for my youngest GDs.
I have been busy sewing Xmas gifts. The little Xmas heads are destined for GDs kindy teachers as well as some for the rellies, they are so cute and easy to make. The pattern comes from
freebies for crafters set up by Sew Prim Khris and you get allsorts of free patterns, so check it out.
The little dolls are just perfect for little hands so each of my three youngest GDs will get one.They are 18 month old twins and their 1 yo cousin. I enjoyed making them but they are a little bit tricky to sew in some places and mine are a little bit wonky but I am sure they will still be much loved.
I still have to finish two more placemats and do a surprise for each of my 3 daughters, I will be sewing in my sleep I think to get it all done. But then I can settle back with a drink ( lemonade of course) and enjoy the rest of the year.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Bit Of Cooking

Today I decided it was time to do a bit of cooking for Xmas. I only have to make the fruit mince pies, cake and puddings already taken care of. My sister is coming to lunch tomorrow to celebrate Xmas with two of my grand daughters. A quiche must be made today so I decided on a roast pumpkin and semi dried tomato one as it is one of my favourites. DH saw and said could we have one for dinner, so now I make two. The fruit mince pies were done quickly and the left over fruit was made into a big pie for DH, one of his favourite desserts. All baked before 5 o clock and the first quiche eaten by 6 o clock because Dh couldn`t wait any longer, it was delicious. Tomorrow I will make some chocolates, craisins and cashew nuts covered in thick dark chocolate, and then some Xmas themed choccies for the kids. Wednesday it will be biscuit making day, lots of choc, plain and cinnamon biscuits to be made and they don`t last long, but they are a tradition that was started by my dear Mum many years ago.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Farm Visit and more table mats

We made a trip to the farm for my grand daughter`s first birthday and sorry so busy partying I forgot to take photos so now have to wait for Xmas. We took our little van to sleep in and have left it on the farm as we will be going back to celebrate Xmas with the family. Not long after we arrived and set up our "room" it started to rain and rain and rain. Our van became an island surrounded by water and SIL got us a cattle grid so we could get to bed. Fortunately next morning it had been absorbed into the ground and we were once again part of the mainland. It continued to rain on and off for the whole time we were there but this added to the birthday celebrations as the rain was very welcome even if it did play havoc with the reaping of the crops. We returned home very tired as we had celebrated for 3 days and we will return in time for Xmas and it will be a happy time to spend time with the family.

These are two more table mats I have made using the free pattern from Among The Gum Trees blog. I searched through my books for Xmas patterns and adapted them to use because I wanted every placemat to be different, I still have a few more to finish along with my other sewing and Xmas parties to attend.