Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello to everyone and thanks to Dawn for initiating this post on how we name our blogs.
I have sewed for a number of years and then quilting found me and now I am totally addicted.Then Dawn said "Lets set up a blog for you", I didnt know what that was goin to start.Dawn showed me how to set up and operate my blog and said think what I wanted to call it. All sorts of ideas flittered through my head but didnt seem right, then I remembered what my DH had said to some visitors. At that time I did not have a sewing room and my projects and fabrics would be carefully placed around my home for my convenience meaning that most surfaces had some sewing item on them. With nowhere to sit without dislodging  my works my DH said, " just push it onto the floor thats just Judes stuff that she is working on. It stuck in my mind and was just perfect to use as my blog name.
PS I now have a very large sewing room to keep my STUFF in but some still manages to creep out into the family areas, you just cant trust some projects to stay put now can you.
I hope you enjoyed reading about my blog name. now off to read some others.
cheers Jude