Sunday, December 19, 2010


Its nearly Xmas and I have finished two more gifts but still have two more to sew plus a new bag for myself. Hope i can fit it all in as well as some xmas cooking.

I decided to get little dolly beds for the twins Hayley and Chloe and they came with awfull blanket and thin matress and pillow, so Out came the fabrics and i made new matresses and pillows and a little quilt for each of them. I decided on the same fabrics so there will be no fighting but I did different backings. They look so cute sitting in the spare room and I dont know how i am going to wrap them yet.

My little next door neighbor Jessica is getting a peg bag just like mummies, pegs and a minature wash basket. Her mum mentioned that they were giving Jess a little clothes line for xmas and could I make a peg bag, it was a great idea and I had just the fabric in my stash.
I have to finish a cow for my sister and i also need a new bag so a little bit of time is set aside to do these last two pressies. I wish you all a safe and happy Xmas and hope you all get some lovely gifts. Bye for now, Judy