Sunday, January 15, 2012


 My daughter asked me to make a book bag for Brooke as she starts school this year, this is what I have made her, I hope she likes it. It is a piece of fabric that Dawn had passed on and I thought Brooke would like it with the dogs and angels.

I also thought it was time I covered my 2012 diary and I found this pretty piece in my scrap box. It was leftover from covering a book for Brooke so she will be pleased we both have a book the same. I wont be posting again until I return from my trip to Sydney  and now I am off to cook some more meals to put in the freezer for my dear  Hubby ( dont know why he cant do it hmself each day).
Bye for now Jude.

Friday, January 13, 2012


Please be alert at this time of the year for all those little nasties, DH was moving stuff in the shed and came across this little beauty, it was one of the biggest I have seen in a long time. RIP little beastie.

Sorry always put the piccies on the wrong way. This is my kitchen, plenty of cupboards and the stove top has not been used before as it is in perfect condition. the fridge is to the left and the entry is next to it.

Here is my bedroom, finally a bed you can walk around. This makes it easier to make and now I dont have to put up with DH crawling across and treading on my legs when he gets up early to go fishing. Still waiting for a feed of fish but he has caught some squid, yum yum.

An outside view of the van. It is very clean and has been well looked after. I really like the pull down awning on the side, it makes a nice place for a cuppa and pice of cake when you need a rest from all the fishing and sight seeing.
I am off to Sydney next week to visit with Megan, Mark, Jade and Brooke and when I return home  DH and I will be going to Kingston SE for a bit to try out the new van. till then cheerio and all be good. Jude.

Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year to all my Family and Friends and may it be a Happy and Prosperous one.

These are the place mats and drink coasters I made for my DD to adorn the Xmas table and luckily they were the last I had to do. There is 5 of each and unless we have more babies this will be enough for when her turn comes around again. Lucky for me my three DDs take turns to host Xmas and I just have to turn up and enjoy myself. I loved this Australian print and was glad I could make it up for us all to enjoy.  Bye for now and I will try to post more often this year, but not until next month as I am off to Sydney to spend time with Megan( my eldest daughter and Jade  and Brooke and their dad).