Monday, August 23, 2010


I`m in a swap on HANDMADE magazine and I have recieved my blue and yellow hexie from Dawn and finished my hexie for miss nance and I must remember to mail it tomorrow.This will be an ongoing swap and I1m hoping to get enough to make a lap quilt.The hexie below is the third in Dawns free block of the week and I am really liking doing this as I can finish my hexie in a couple of hours, so thanks Dawn.
I am teaching my 5 yo GD to sew and today we made a bookmark for her to give mum for Xmas.

Here she is sewing around the edges on one end of her bookmark and as she is left handed it is a bit difficult for me to show her how to hold it as I am right handed.

Here Jade proudly shows off her finished bookmark and I hope her Mum doesn`t take a peek at my blog and spoil the surprise. Next week we will make one for her Dad.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have made this for my DD for xmas and will lay it over a red or green cloth to make it stand out. It is from a free pattern from dawn hay designsand I just extended it for the size of my DDs table and having made it for Xmas I added holly leaves/ berries instead of the flowers and I hope she will like it.

This is block 1 and 2 from dawnhayfree BOM Xmas snowflakes and I love them. I went for all blue as I wanted it to remind me of cold winter Xmases in Europe unloke our hot sweaty ones here. Thanks to Dawn for such a lovely project to be completed in just 9 weeks, plenty of time before Xmas so no pressure.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


A quick trip to the farm for a rest for me (lol as two of my Gchildren live there) and for DH to help our SIL around the farm tidying up the chemicals shed.

This picture is out of order it should be the last one as it shows the men grading the wool and pulling of the daggy bits.

This is the shearers working hard to get the job done. I don`t think I could bend over all day doing this job. It must be hard on your back.
The shearer in the middle is wearing a special back sling and it helps to take the pressure off your back when you have to be bent over all day. This is not a job I would like to be doing.

And this is a quilt for a new baby Lucy Rose who is a welcome addition to friends of my DD.I hope to visit tomorrow if I can finish the binding tonight. The pattern is from Dawn Hay Designs and is apattern she sells and donates the monies to charity for the children of Baseco.