Friday, June 28, 2013


 Here I am with my beautiful granddaughters Hayley on the left and Chloe on the right(I think). They are now 5 years old and due to start school next term. DH and I are going to Victor harbor for their ballet concert and I will be staying on for the kindy graduation.

 This is one of the dolly carry cots I have made for  their birthday gift and a Barbie doll as well. They have little dolls and toy bunnies and bears just waiting to sleep in these cots and they were quite easy to make.

 This is the second dolly bed and I know the girls are going to love them. I am sure they will also be used to carry baby bunny and guinea pig around in if we let them. Lucky they are washable.

These cute bags are for the girls after we have been to their concert. I saw the ballet fabric and had to buy it and now it has come in very useful. I have put a hair brush, lip gloss and nail polish in the bags and the girls are going to be excited when they get them. Bye for now as I have to put the tea on the table as DH is complaining he is hungry, poor dear. Jude

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Dont you just love this cute pincushion. It was easy to do even with all those little hexies and it came together very quickly. It is out of the RED HOME book by Natalie Bird and is full of great projects to do. Looking forward to completing even more projects from this book.
cheers for now Jude.

Monday, June 3, 2013


Love this quilt pattern, its quick and easy to do and the little girls seem to love it.
 It is called Butterflies & Daisies 2 by Kids Quilts and I daresay it will be made again.

The little pillow is from the Worry Dolls pattern from Dont Look Now.
I have made it slightly bigger than the pattern and prefer this size and will continue to make them this big.
The backing and binding is the same as the quilt and it ties them together and makes a lovely gift.

Hi everyone, I have been very busy making quilts and other little stitching and sewing projects. The quilt and pillow pictured here are a gift for my next door neighbours 1st grandchild. DH and I attended the parents wedding last year and I said I would make their daughter, Isla a quilt. The colours that were chosen were blue and purple and I was a bit worried that it was not going to look very nice. But I shopped around for fabrics and used others from my stash and was pleased with how the quilt has turned out. With the leftovers I have made a little pillow to go with it and I am sure they are going to like it.
 I cant show the other quilt as yet as I was doing a test run on a pattern for my  friend Dawn and as it is to published in a magazine later this year the design is a secret, but I will show you after the publication comes out. Hope the waiting wont be too bad and it will be worth the wait.
Just have to put the finishing touches to a couple of smaller projects and will be posting them.
Bye for now Jude