Wednesday, March 28, 2012


My eldest GS came home from school the other day with a note to say that on the last day of term they could come to school in fancy dress but the character had to start with the first letter of their name.
 Sitting at the dinner table my DD thought I had better ring mum and give her time to make something (Leonie couldn`t sew a stitch if her life depended on it), at the same time Charlie said "Lets ring nan, she can make something for me to wear." We thought a clown or a cowboy might be nice and Charlie thought a cake would be good, dont you love em. With a little persausion from dad it was decided the cowboy would be fine. Charlie has jeans, western shirt and boots so it was left to me to finish his outfit. Above is the vest, kerchief and gun holster I have made and the Peacemaker 6 shooter that had belonged to my younger brother. After the parade I will post a photo of Charlie in all his glory.