Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hi every one, I have been very busy stitching and sewing lately and have a couple of things to show you, more are still works in progress.

 My daughter,Megan is in the SES in NSW and needed costumes to fit Barbie dolls for an exhibition they are having shortly. She sent an old shirt and these 2 dollies clothes are the result. They are a bit big but will have to do.

 My eldest granddaughter was over for the holidays and wanted to make a cushion. She picked a pieced butterfly to make and did quite well, i had to put the zip in as that was too hard for her to do.

 My sister Barbara asked me to make her a horse quilt. I made a matching pillow for her as well. It took me a little time to find a horse that looked like hers and below is the finished quilt.
Cheers for now Jude.