Saturday, September 25, 2010


The library bag.
A busy week sewing to finish some quilts and a library bag for my GS who is starting kindy next term. Leonie my DD rang to ask where she would buy a library bag for Charlie as she had not seen them in the shops, Dah dont I sew, oh she forgot or this was a backway sneaky idea for me to offer to make one. I did and was happy to do so.

This morning at 8AM Charlie rang to thank me for his bag and said he really liked the cars and he also had to tell me he was going to the sheep yards to help dad and hoped I had had a good nights sleep as Papas snores and he might keep me awake.

Here is one of the 3 quilts I have finished and will be xmas gifts for my 3 DDs. They are flannel and a very simple 4 patch square next to a solid square and they have turned out very nice in my opinion.

This is the back and I had some left over squares and wanted to use them up and make the backs a little bit more interesting. I hope they like them to snuggle into when they watch TV next winter.

I wanted to show you this quilt as well. I initially made it for my GD but after I put it on the spare bed I couldnt take it off, so now all the Gkids get to sleep under it when they visit. It is Teddies garden By Libby Richardson and I really like doing stitcheries.
Bye for now and happy stitching.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hi all, sorry for not blogging sooner but I have ben very busy doing Xmas sewing. I had several gifts to make for my Tuesday sewing groups secret santa and I am glad they are finished and wrapped ready for opening at our Xmas party. In all we had 12 gifts to either buy or make following the 12 days of Xmas song. We could interpret each number how we wanted, wether we chose the theme of the song or used the number and added that amount of small gifts to the pressie. i made most and hope the recipients are going to like them. I also have been sewing flannel quilts for my 3 DDs for Xmas that have been in my ufo box for a coupkle of years. last but not least I have been making my second oldest GD a quilt for her 4th birthday coming up in October. I hope they dont check out my blog and get a peek of their gifts.

This is a little peek of Brookes Birthday quilt and it is very bright for a bubbly little girl.

Here are 2 of the flannel quilts finished and the last one is pinned and ready to quilt after finishing the birthday quilt.

I also have been enjoying doing Dawn`s free Frosty Flakes wall hanger and now only 2 more to go before assembling. well thats all for now as the GGs will be here shortly and I have to pack away the birthday quilt, i will try to get back soon with some more updates. Cheers Judy.