Friday, April 2, 2010


I haven't had much time for hand sewing lately as number two daughter and my two grand kids have been down from the farm for a visit. Lots of playing with the children and long talks with my daughter. We also went shopping to the big shops as there is not the variety in a country town. It is great when they visit as there is always something different to do. But when 7.00 pm arrives the GC go to bed and peace reigns in my home once more to hopefully 7.00am the next day. But I wouldn`t have it any other way. I have now finished 13 of the last 35 blocks and hope to have them all done by June.

Today Dh and I went to my eldest daughters home for Easter lunch
and it was delicious. Then Brooke showed me her pony Billy
and she is just learning to ride him.

Next Jade was ready for her lesson and had to have the jeans, boots and hard hat on before getting started. I think Billy is as big around the girth as he is tall but he has a very placid temperament. The girls really love to ride him, and in their words "We even ride him in the street, Nan and You can`t ride him because you are too big."
They are learning to care for him as well and they each have their own brushes and other stuff but I dont know what they are for but I guess when I go there next week I will have another lesson on how to groom a horse.