Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Two rows together, seven more blocks ready and twentyeight more to go, my quilt is on its way

This morning I finished the first 2 rows of my Jacobs quilt along. My friend Dawn told me about the DONT LOOK NOW quilt along site and after my first visit I was hooked. It looked like fun and I would (hopefully) have a lovely quilt to show for all the hard work. My next thought , who would I make the quilt for and decided it would be for my spare bedroom. I recently had obtained some maroon and cream curtains, so I thought I would match my quilt colours to these curtains. I raided my stash, went shopping and begged friends for fabrics to match and blend and finally had enough to begin. I had to get DH do draw up the circles as my attempt at it was hopeless. My template cut out, my fabrics at hand and then I had to find a supply of 'Floriani'. Dawn found out a local shop that had it in stock so we bought a roll to share. I cut and glued and my journey was well and truly on the move. Then along came Xmas and lots of sewing, parties and visitors so Jacob was put in the cupboard for a spell. New year arrived, time to pick up the quilt again but progress was slow as lots of outside interruptions. I then decided I would like a holiday so research had to be done to decide on the destination so again the quilt work was slowed down. Finally the holiday to the USA to take in 3 quilt shows was booked and I once more could return to my sewing. I decided I had to make at least 5 blocks a week to catch up, so every day I cut, ironed on the floriani and glued the edges and at night I would try to sew the 12 petals on, some times I succeeded but often I didn`t. Many days and sore pricked finger tips and I have done it, 2 rows sewn together and 7 blocks ready for the next row. WOW. I only have 28 more blocks to go and I know I have plenty of time to finish them before the next step on the road to finishing my quilt. I have enjoyed doing this quilt as it is using techniques I have not done before and will use again in other projects. I can hardly wait to see how the quilt will look finished and quilted.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


This is the first 7 blocks of Jacobs Quilt that I have joined together for the Dont Look Now quilt along. I started it late and hope to catch up before my holiday. It is sewn by hand and takes a while to prepare each block and I seem to prick my fingers frequently that they look like swiss cheese with all the holes in them. One must suffer for our art. DH took this photo for me and I asked him NOT to put his toes in the picture, did he listen, NO, you can see his toes poking into the picture at the bottom. Next time he might get it right.
These are the first 3 blocks of a pinwheel sampler I am doing from P.S.I.Quilt. It will be 16 blocks and you get 2 patterns per week so it will be finished pretty quickly. They are easy blocks to sew and I am enjoying doing a project that will be finished in a short time against my other projects that are long term.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today I made another Baseco bag because they are so easy to sew and I needed a new bag to take on holiday to the USA with me. I hope to ask the friendly Americans I meet to participate by buying the pattern at just A$4.00.00 and helping Dawn to reach that magic 1000 patterns in sales, with all proceeds going to the poor people of Baseco. Once again the pattern can be purchased from DAWN HAY DESIGNS and you will find her site here. Thanks for helping.

Friday, March 5, 2010

`Baseco Mahal Kita` tote

Here`s what I made yesterday, it is my version of the BASECO MAHAL KITA TOTE. PLEASE READ ABOUT IT BELOW. My friend Dawn of DAWN HAY DESIGNS has designed this bag and she is selling it on Etsy or from her blog and all of the proceeds on the sales is going to Beseco, Manila to give aid to the poor. The pattern is just $4.00 and once you have paid for it the pattern will be E- mailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours
Dawn`s aim is to sell at least 1000 patterns and this will help a lot of poor families in Manila. please feel free to blog about this to let as many people know as we can reach, thankyou in advance.