Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Delivered the quilts to Modbury Hospital rehab unit and the new owners were very happy to receive them. Needed to make one more as another patient was admitted. Also saw some burlap rolls at Spotty and liked the look of it and the result was a very nice shopping bag. Easy and quick to make so will be making some more with the grandkids to give to their mums for Christmas. Now off to start a new project or possibly finish a UFO, haven`t decided yet, so bye for now Jude

 I liked doing this quilt it was an easy one to sew and used more of my left over fabric

Pleased with how the bag turned out, but might make the next one bigger to take shopping.

Monday, August 10, 2015


These are the last 3 quilts of a total of 22 that I have made for the rehab unit at Modbury Hospital. The first 2 I forgot to photograph so there is not a record of them. They are all made from leftover fabric in my stash and there are still a lot more quilts hiding in my cupboard just waiting to be made. I hope to deliver them on Thursday and then do some sewing for me. I am in a Christmas swap this year so will have to make a few things for my partner as well as buy some goodies. I also have a quilt, backpack and a bag to make from the patterns I received at the Lets Get Stitched retreat I attended in Brisbane in March, so must crack the whip now and get started. Well maybe tomorrow.
Bye for now Jude